My research interests span virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for immersive communication, UAV-IoT sensing/communication, future 5G IoT architectures and edge-based computing in small-cell networks, and rigorous reinforcement learning for stochastic control. I also investigate interdisciplinary applications of UAV-IoT-enabled networked VR/AR immersion.

Laboratory: I founded and lead the Laboratory for UAV-IoT VR/AR Immersive Communication ( at UA. The lab features state-of-the-art equipment: Immersion displays, visual/range IoT sensors, VR/AR head-mounted displays, IoT drones, 5G SDR boards.

Funding: I gratefully acknowledge the support of NSF, AFOSR, Adobe, and Microsoft.

Link to old projects.

Recent collaboration: Gwendal Simon (Telecom Bretagne), Nick Mastronarde (U. Buffalo), Vishy Swaminathan (Adobe), Jie Xu (U. Miami), Fatemeh Afghah (Northern Arizona University), Alisa Devlic (Huawei), Charles O'Neill (U. Alabama), Zheng O'Neill (U. Alabama), John Woods (RPI), Koushik Kar (RPI), Vladan Velisavljevic (U. Bedfordshire), Ricardo Queiroz (U. Brasilia), Camilo Dorea (U. Brasilia), Guido Cervone (Penn State), Ismail Guvenc (NC State), Abdallah Khreishah (NJIT).

Senior advisory board: I have had the immense privilege to be mentored by exceptional individuals that provided unlimited guidance, vision, and generous support. These include Prof. Bernd Girod (PhD thesis advisor), Prof. Pascal Frossard (postdoctoral mentor), Prof. Antonio Ortega, Prof. Edward Delp, Dr. Rico Malvar, Dr. Philip Chou, Dr. Jonh Apostolopoulos, Prof. Alexander Emanuel, and Prof. Peder Pedersen. The interaction with them has been inspiring. My gratitude goes out to them all.