NEWS @ Jakov.Org:
Aug. 2017: Research awards from Adobe Systems and NVIDIA are gratefully acknowledged.
Jul. 2017: IEEE MMSP 2017 paper on convexity analysis of synthesis distortion in multi-view imaging accepted.
Jul. 2017: ACM MM 2017 paper on optimal set of 360° video representations for viewport-adaptive streaming accepted.
Jun. 2017: Invited talk on drone networks and virtual and augmented reality at Intel Research Santa Clara.
Jun. 2017: ACM MobiSys 2017 paper on drone networks for virtual human teleportation presented.
May. 2017: IEEE ICC 2017 paper on viewport-adaptive 360° video streaming presented. (best paper award)
May. 2017: Attending the SCIEN Workshop on Augmented and Mixed Reality at Stanford.
May. 2017: IEEE INFOCOM 2017 paper on UAV-IoT sensing for networked virtual and augmented reality presented.
Jan. 2017: ICC 2017 VR streaming paper accepted.
Dec. 2016: Two Globecom 2016 papers presented on decentralized reinforcement learning for 5G IoT sensing and mmWave comm.
Oct. 2016: Immersive VR/AR Experiences special session accepted to ACM MMSys 2017. Contributions are invited.
Sep. 2016: Paper on learning-based transmission scheduling of energy-harvesting visual sensors presented at ICIP.
Sep. 2016: Paper on continuous UAV covering problem analysis presented at Sarnoff Symposium.
Aug. 2016: Presentation at NSF/Academy of Finland WiFiUS PI meeting.
Jul. 2016: IEEE Sarnoff Symposium paper on the UAV continuous covering problem accepted.
Jul. 2016: Packet Video AR 2016 keynote slides. [The workshop was a great success.]
Jul. 2016: Globecom 2016 paper accepted.
Jun. 2016: ACM CoNEXT paper on viewport-adaptive 360-degree-navigable 3D video streaming submitted.
Jun. 2016: Two invited presentations at AFCEA C4I and Cyber Conference.
Jun. 2016: Invited presentation at NIST Workshop Advanced Video Analytics in Public Safety.
May 2016: ICIP 2016 paper accepted.
Apr. 2016: Two ICME 2016 workshop papers accepted.
Apr. 2016: One Globecom paper submitted.
Mar. 2016: Two ICME 2016 workshop papers submitted.
Mar. 2016: AFOSR Faculty Fellow 2016 Award received.
Mar. 2016: Talk @GATECH.
Mar. 2016: Invited to MSR Faculty Summit.
Dec. 2015: Our Packet Video 2016 workshop proposal has been accepted. Please consider contributing.
Nov. 2015: JSAC paper on collaborative small-cell cellular networks accepted.
Oct. 2015: Invited to/joined the editorial board of the IEEE Trans. Comp. Social Systems.
Oct. 2015: Congrats: Frame lands $10M series A funding.
Oct. 2015: Media coverage: Featured Engineer [EE Web].
Sep. 2015: AFOSR/AFRL grant award is gratefully acknowledged.
Sep. 2015: Blogging community retention analysis paper accepted to the IEEE Trans. Computational Social Systems.
Sep. 2015: Paper on joint data placement and flow control for data center networks accepted to Elsevier Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory journal.
Sep. 2015: Fine-grain scalable video caching paper accepted to ISM 2015.
Sep. 2015: White paper on QoE optimization in video distribution networks via fine-grain scalable coding submitted to NSF/FCC Internet QoE workshop.
Aug. 2015: Patent disclosure on fine-grain scalable video caching.
Aug. 2015: NSF CCF grant award is gratefully acknowledged.
Aug. 2015: Paper on fine-grain scalable video caching submitted to ISM 2015.
Aug. 2015: Immanuel and Niloofar joined the group. Welcome.
July 2015: Paper on complex network approach to prioritized regression testing accepted by Springer Journal of Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering.
July 2015: Paper on learning-theory-based virtual machine placement in cloud computing accepted at Globecom.
June 2015: Paper on dual-reinforcement-learning routing for QoE-aware wireless multi-hop networks accepted by Elsevier Computer Networks journal.
June 2015: Invited presentation at AFCEA ANT Review Days.
May 2015: JSAC paper submitted (SI: Video Distribution over Future Internet).
May 2015: Invited presentation at IEEE CISDA.
Apr. 2015: Paper on collaborative caching in multi-cell-coordinated wireless systems presented at INFOCOM.
Apr. 2015: Paper on multi-graph-learning-based virtual machine assignment in cloud computing submitted to Globecom 2015.
Mar. 2015: Awarded US AFOSR Faculty Fellowship.
Mar. 2015: IEEE TIP paper on joint client clustering and source-channel scalable multi-stream rate allocation in IPTV accepted.
Feb. 2015: IEEE INFOCOM CNTCV Workshop paper on collaborative caching for multi-cell systems accepted.
Feb. 2015: IEEE JSTSP paper on joint source-channel coding of multi-view video accepted.
Feb. 2015: IEEE ICICS paper on cost-efficient data-center networks accepted.
Dec. 2014: IEEE TCOM paper on uplink scheduling of multi-view sensors accepted.
Nov. 2014: @ Tsinghua and IITM.
Oct. 2014: Presenting a paper at ICIP 2014.
Oct. 2014: MSR research gift is gratefully acknowledged.
July 2014: @ MSR Faculty Summit 2014.
June 2014: SocialCom 2014 paper on blogger retention accepted (acceptance rate: 9.9%).
June 2014: BigData 2014 paper on community blogging accepted (acceptance rate: 8.5%).
May 2014: IEEE JSTSP paper on wireless multi-path streaming of free-viewpoint video accepted.
May 2014: ICIP 2014 paper on multi-view multicast accepted.
May 2014: Elevated to IEEE Senior Member grade.
Apr. 2014: Invited to MSR Faculty Summit 2014.
Mar. 2014: Elsevier SP Journal paper on community multi-graph analysis accepted.
Mar. 2014: IEEE TCSVT SI on Mobile Visual Cloud proposal accepted.
Feb. 2014: Elsevier SPIC Journal paper on social video caching accepted.
Feb. 2014: Invited talk at MSR Redmond. (video link here)
Feb. 2014: IEEE TCOM paper on multi-view multiple descriptions accepted.
Jan. 2014: Invited talk at Mercedes R & D North America (Sunnyvale, CA).
Jan. 2014: Elsevier SP Journal paper on community-aware signal processing accepted.
Jan. 2014: IEEE/ACM TNET paper on multi-view traffic engineering accepted.
Dec. 2013: Two papers presented and invited panelist at GLOBECOM 2013.
Dec. 2013: In BAMA land now. :)
Nov. 2013: Invited talk at RPI.
Nov. 2013: IEEE TIP paper on transmission policy selection for multi-view streaming accepted.
Oct. 2013: Top 10% Paper Award won at MMSP 2013.
Oct. 2013: Three papers presented at MMSP 2013.
Sep. 2013: Invited to QoEMC2013 Workshop panel.
Sep. 2013: Paper accepted to Springer PPNA Journal, SI on P2P-assisted cloud systems.
July 2013: Two papers accepted at GLOBECOM 2013.
May 2013: Paper presented at ICASSP 2013.
May 2013: Paper accepted to IEEE TIP SI on 3D video.
May 2013: Two papers accepted at MMSP 2013.
Apr. 2013: Paper accepted to SS on 3D video at the DSP 2013 conf.
Mar. 2013: Research visit to Technical University Munich.
Feb. 2013: Invited paper to SS on 3D video at DSP 2013 conf. submitted.
Jan. 2013: Technical University Munich Mobility Fellowship awarded.
Jan. 2013: IEEE COMM MAG paper on multi-view streaming accepted.
Dec. 2012: IEEE TIP paper on state-based video communication accepted.
Dec. 2012: Invited talk at the University of Ljubljana.
Dec. 2012: Paper presented at Globecom 2012.
Nov. 2012: One paper submitted to ICASSP 2013.
Oct. 2012: Invited talk on social computing at the University of Bern.
Aug. 2012: I will edit the Springer PPNA Journal's SI on P2P Cloud Systems.
Aug. 2012: Elsevier VCIR Journal paper on multi-path content delivery.
Aug. 2012: Globecom 2012 paper on multi-view streaming (to appear).
July 2012: I will chair the IEEE SPS School on Social Media Processing.
June 2012: Research visit to the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo.
June 2012: ICC paper on QoE routing in wireless mesh networks.
May 2012: Packet Video paper on OSP network economics.
Mar. 2012: ICASSP paper on multi-graph sampling of online communities.
Mar. 2012: IEEE SPM article on bridging social and data networks.
Oct. 2011: IEEE TMM paper on in-network packet scheduling and rate allocation.
Sep. 2011: I will chair the technical program of Packet Video 2012.
Sep. 2011: Two papers presented at ICIP.
Aug. 2011: IEEE TMM paper on UEP and network coding.
July 2011: Paper at HOT3D'11 on multiview synthesis distortion modeling.
July 2011: Paper at DSP'11 on view and rate scalable coding for multiview.
July 2011: The ICASSP'11 talk is online.
May 2011: Two papers presented at ICASSP.
May 2011: SkypeLabs Summit: Two invited talks on social networks and FEC.
Feb. 2011: IEEE Comm. Letters article.
Jan. 2011: COMSOC MMTC E-Letter invited article.
Nov. 2010: Two invited talks on social networks at Harvard and BU.
Sep. 2010: Three papers presented at ICIP.
Aug. 2010: The THEMES'10 paper is published (IEEE JSTSP).
July 2010: The THEMES'10 talk is online.